Planning a vacation is always an exciting time. It can also be slightly stressful because you face so many decisions. Should you plan tour vacations or go solo? What airline offers the most comfortable seating and best rate? What types of activities should you participate in once you arrive at your destination? These are just some of the questions we can help you sort out at Susan’s Travel. It has been our experience that booking affordable tours through our agency offers numerous benefits for most travelers.

Is a Tour Vacation Right for Me?

With so many wonderful destinations to choose from – Europe tours  such as Italy tours, England tours or Ireland tours, African Safari tours, South American tours, Asian tours and US tours, a tour may be an excellent choice for you to consider for your next vacation. These tours can be an especially attractive option if you’re the type of person who loves to travel but doesn’t necessarily enjoy all the planning that goes into it. The company offering the tour arranges all the details, including procuring tickets to events. This means that you don’t have to stand in line or run the risk of not getting a ticket to the event you want because they’re all sold out. Some other important benefits of tour vacations include:

  • Tour guides are usually local to the area and can point out areas of interest, history, and other hidden gems that you would probably not discover on your own.
  • Tour providers can typically arrange for group discounts at attractions, restaurants, and more.
  • Traveling with a group gives you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers with similar interests. You might even meet someone who you would like to plan a trip with in the future. You already know that you both love to travel, so it’s just a matter of narrowing down where you would like to go.
  • You can sit back and relax while leaving the driving to someone who is already familiar with the area. As much as many people love travel, they admit that driving in an unfamiliar location is a frequent source of stress. That’s one worry you can cross off your list with someone else at the wheel. It also gives you more of a chance to take in the scenery around you.
  • Vacation tours are often safer for individual travelers than going off on their own. Unfortunately, criminals often look for tourists traveling alone or with just one other person to target. Mingling with a large group and a tour guide who knows the area makes you far less vulnerable to ending up a crime victim while on vacation.

Despite these wonderful benefits, this type of travel may not be right for everyone. For example, people who prefer to be on their “own” schedule or who prefer to remain in control of their own planning might find it stressful. Whether you’re a good fit for tours or something more independent, you can trust Susan’s Travel to help you book the perfect vacation.

Finding Vacation Tours to Meet Your Budget and Style

Our professional travel consultants routinely work with a wide range of vacation providers, including Globus Tours and Tauck Tours. We understand that affordable tours may be the biggest concern for some clients while others desire luxury tours and have less concern for cost. We will work closely with you to manage all details of your upcoming getaway, including airfare and lodging. In addition to assisting clients book vacation tours, Susan’s Travel contracts with several cruise tour companies as well. One especially welcome detail for many clients is that a lot of these travel providers include meals in their pricing.

Forget all the research and planning that goes with the typical vacation and let us handle the details instead. We look forward to wishing you bon voyage very soon.

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