Have you been thinking about taking a cruise? Maybe you’ve been on a few before and loved them. Or perhaps you’ve always thought they were out of your price range.

The truth is that there are plenty of different types of cruises that you can enjoy. Some are more luxury oriented, some are more adventure, and some are a real bargain.

You don’t need to take a cookie cutter vacation. Let us take over as your cruise travel agent. We can help you plan the perfect cruise that’s just right for you.

Choosing the Right Cruise for Your Budget and Enjoyment

You’ve seen your friends post glorious pictures on sun soaked beaches. They’ve talked about the wonderful time they had on their cruise and you might be a little green with envy. But you don’t have to be! There’s a cruise that’s just perfect for you. Don’t you deserve a get away?

There are a lot of different cruise lines to choose from. Packages range from all inclusive to bargain prices. Let Susan’s Travel help you go through all of the information to find the location and amenities that you’ll have the most fun experiencing.

If you’re considering a group trip, the challenge is always finding the best package that includes things everyone will want to do. Some people really just want to relax, eat delicious food and lay in the sun. Other members of your group might want to swim in the ocean, scuba dive, or go on glorious adventures. A cruise may be the perfect option that offers just the right amount of variety in activities.

At Susan’s Travel, we take the time to get to know you and your needs. We go over your budget and your dream list of activities to help you find the right line and the best vacation for you to enjoy. Our customers get to cut through the red tape – eliminating all of the headaches that come with travel. Your reservations, check ins, activities, even your bar bill can be included in your package.

River Cruise, Luxury Cruise, Sailing, and More

If you think going on a cruise is a one size fits all vacation, think again. You have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Luxury Cruise. A luxury cruise may be higher priced, but you’ll be absolutely surrounded by beauty and service. These packages are often all inclusive, with airfare and even meals covered in the price.
  • Expedition Cruise. An expedition cruise is for the adventurer at heart. They use smaller ships and their tour includes exotic or interesting locations.
  • River Cruise. Cruises aren’t just for the open ocean. River cruises allow you to explore a beautiful river setting and often ports will include historical and place related touring options.
  • “Mainstream” Cruise. There are a number of different lines that offer your basic cruise. These tend to be more modestly priced and may or may not be all inclusive. You might include certain activities at ports in your package or keep it simple and add on as you go.

Looking for the Perfect Cruise Travel Agent to Handle Your Arrangements?

If you’re looking for the ideal partner to help you handle all the arrangements for your dream cruise vacation, contact us today.

We offer Gift Certificates, so you can surprise that special someone without cutting them out of the planning. We also offer Honeymoon Registry for the perfect wedding gift that no one will ever want to return!

Contact us today and let us help you plan the perfect cruise for your style and budget.

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