All Inclusive Vacations

All-Inclusive Vacations

Your vacation is a time to sit back, relax, and worry about nothing. An all-inclusive vacation may provide just that!

Planning Your All-Inclusive Vacation

We at Susan’s Travel will help you plan your perfect vacation. We will work with you to determine the best location, beaches, pools, and activities for your travel style.

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Benefits of an All-Inclusive Vacation

There are many advantages to booking an all-inclusive resort. Whether you are seeking a Romantic Getaway or Family Fun, it may be perfect for you. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Just Relax & Enjoy: All restaurants, bars, and even many of the activities are right there within the resort. There is no need to leave the resort unless you choose to engage in an excursion or two…such as snorkeling or scuba diving. It’s perfect for those who enjoy lounging by the infinity pool are sunning on the beach. An all-inclusive resort will allow you to enjoy your time, worry-free.
  • Predefined Budget. An all-inclusive vacation is one way to manage your expenses. Just about everything is already paid for before you leave. Most all-inclusive resorts include non-motorized sports and many even include tips. Some resorts, such as Sandals or Beaches, even include motorized sports.
  • Family Vacations: All-inclusive resorts afford a certain kind of freedom to families. Kids can order room service or food without worrying about an expense, and can participate in the activities with some freedom. Teens love it, and parents never have to worry about a huge bill at the end of their trip.
  • Safety: Some travelers have concerns about the safety of certain countries outside of their resort. When you book an all-inclusive vacation, you never really have to leave the resort. You may choose to do an excursion off property, other than that, everything is on premises.

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